Missionaries Supported by Grace Baptist Church

As of August 2014, Grace Baptist Church Supports 42 MIssionaries Around the World.

Our Annual Missions Conference held this year on October 22-26, will prayerfully allow us to expand our impact for world-wide missions!

We are in the process of updating this page with photos, information, and websites for missionaries who can safely provide them. Check back soon!


The Bartley Family – St.  Lucia
BEAMS Bible Ministry
The Benson Family – Cameroon, West Africa
The Brown Family – Liechtenstein
The Bunnell Family – Honduras
The Case Family – Mexico City, Mexico
The Cone Family – Thailand
The Divakar Family – India
The Douglas Family – Brazil
The Elam Family – Russia
Fellowship Tract League
The Fridenstine Family – El Salvador
The Friesen Family – Mexico City
The Fluegge Family – Dominican Republic
The Fullford Family – Malawi, Africa
The Harris Family – Peru
The Kamps Family – Netherlands
The Keck Family – Papua New Guinea
The King Family – Honolulu, Hawaii
The Kinoshita Family – Tokyo, Japan
The Lane Family – Honduras
The Lockart Family – Mexico City, Mexico
The Loewen Family – Yucatan Peninsula
The Miraflor Family – Cambodia
The Navato Family – Japan
The Schwalbe Family – India
Carolynn Sharp – Liberia
The Strother Family – London, United Kingdom
The Tate Family – Honduras
The Tenbrink Family – Uruguay
The Thongdy Family – Cambodia
The Walley Family – Mindanao, Philippines



The Aulin Family – Vernon, British Columbia
The Burns Family – Quebec, Canada
The Fisher Family – Aldergrove, British Columbia
The Goette Family – Langley, BC, Canada
The Leveille Family – Montreal, Canada
The Noreau Family – Stewart, BC, Canada
The Penner Family – Ontario, Canada
The Reece Family – Nova Scotia, Canada
The Swope Family – Grand Forks, BC, Canada
The Van Rooyen Family – Vancouver, BC, Canada