About Grace Baptist Church

picWe are an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist Church located in one of Canada's fastest growing cities, Surrey, British Columbia.

We hold to the Bible alone for matters of faith and practice, believe in the centrality of preaching, use sacred & reverent music in our worship services, and recognize the importance of seeking God's leading and blessing through prayer.

Our Purpose as a church is to "Win the Lost, Form Christ in Them, and Duplicate this Pattern around the World."

By God's grace, and in complete dependence upon Christ alone, we strive to fulfill this purpose by, #1 - Winning the Lost through personal witnessing, local outreach ministries, and Soulwinning training. #2 - Forming Christ in Christians through weekly preaching services, classes, and Bible Studies, and also through various activities and fellowships. #3 - Duplicating this Pattern Around the World by supporting missionaries of like faith and practice; both in prayer and also financially.

We warmly invite you to come and hear God's Word preached this on Sunday or, join us for mid-week prayer and Bible study this Wednesday evening. You can also watch a recent service from our Church 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!